HC Deb 04 July 1844 vol 76 c388
Viscount Palmerston

moved the Second Reading of the Actions for Gaming Discontinuance (No. 2) Bill.

On the question that the Bill be now read a second time,

Mr. Christie

objected to proceeding with the measure.

Viscount Palmerston

said, what he proposed by the Bill was, to continue things in the same state as by common agreement they ought to remain, viz., as they were, until Parliament should have time to consider the state of the law. He trusted the Bill might be read a second time. The plaintiff in the actions might be heard by counsel, if that was his object, at any other stage.

Mr. T. Duncombe

said, that great injustice would be done if the House did not allow counsel to be heard at the Bar.

Mr. M. Gibson

observed, that his hon. Friend did not oppose the Bill, but merely contended for the hearing of counsel. He wished to know whether the right hon. Baronet at the head of the Government would or would not oppose the hearing of counsel?

Sir R. Peel

said, he was not prepared to give any assurance on the subject.

Mr. Christie

moved, that the debate be adjourned.

The House divided:—Ayes 10; Noes 61: Majority 51.

List of the AYES.
Bouverie, hon. E. P. Howard, hn. C. W. G.
Brotherton, J. Mainwaring, T.
Duncan, G. Pechell, Capt.
Gibson, T. M. Rawdon, Col.
Warburton, H. Duncombe, T.
Wawn, J. T. Christie, W. D.
List of the NOES.
Antrobus, E. Howard, hon. H.
Arundel and Surrey, Earl of Hutt, W.
Jermyn, Earl
Baring, hon. W. B. Jocelyn, Visct.
Bentinck, Lord G. Lincoln, Earl of
Boldero, H. G. Mackenzie, W. F.
Borthwick P. McNeill, D.
Bramston, T. W. Marsham, Visct.
Clerk, Sir G. Nicholl, rt. hn. J.
Codrington, Sir W. O'Connell, M. J.
Colborne, hn. W. N. R. Palmerston, Visct.
Collins, W. Peel, rt. hon. Sir R.
Craig, W. G. Peel, J.
Cripps, W. Ponsonby, hon. C. F.
Darby, G. Pringle, A.
Denison, E. B. Rice, E. R.
Douglas, Sir C. E. Ross, D. R.
Drummond, H. H. Rous, hon. Capt.
Eliot, Lord Rushbrooke, Col.
Entwisle, W. Sibthorp, Col.
Escott, B. Stanley, hon. Lord
Forster, M. Sutton, hn. H. M.
Fremantle, rt. hn Sir T. Vane, Lord H.
Gaskell, J. Milnes Vesey, hon. T.
Gladstone, rt. hn. W. E. Waddington H. S.
Gordon, hon. Capt. Walsh, Sir J. B.
Goulburn, rt. hn. H. Worsley, Lord
Graham, rt. hn. Sir J. Wortley, hon. J. S.
Grimston, Visct. Wortley, hon. J. S.
Hamilton, L. C.
Herbert, hon. S. TELLERS.
Hervey, Lord A. Young, J.
Hodgson, R. Lennox, Lord A.

Bill read a second time.

The House adjourned at a quarter past two o'clock.