HC Deb 21 February 1844 vol 72 cc1312-3
Mr. Pakington

moved the second reading of the County Coroners Bill.

Mr. Hume

objected to the increase which it proposed to make in the travelling allowances to Coroners. That the present rate of payment was considered sufficient, was proved by the immense competition that always took place for coronerships.

Mr. Pakington

said, the main object of the bill was to improve the present very defective mode of election.

Mr. Williams

, but it also proposed to increase the travelling allowance; and, therefore he should divide the House against it.

Mr. Craven Berkeley

would suggest that as the only clause referring to an increase of allowances was the 20th, which he proposed to move the omission of, it would be undesirable to divide the House against the whole Bill.

Lord J. Russell

hoped, that to meet the convenience of the House, with reference to the important debate now in progress, the hon. Gentleman as well as other hon. Members who had Bills on the Paper, would consent to postpone them.

Mr. Pakington

said, the noble Lord's object would be answered by reading the bill a second time pro forma, and taking the discussion on the details at a future stage.

Bill read a second time.

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