HC Deb 05 February 1844 vol 72 cc231-2
Sir R. Peel

then moved the order of the day for taking into consideration the Queen's Speech, when

Mr. Blewitt

said: I wish, Sir, to call the attention of the House to a report current in London at the present moment, which it is most important should be either contradicted, or set at rest in some way. It is that the civil list has been greatly exceeded, and that there is an enormous amount of debt, which will render it necessary to apply to Parliament for the grant of a loan. I wish to ask the right hon. Baronet at the head of Her Majesty's Government whether there is any truth in the rumour, or not?

Sir R. Peel

I feel surprised that the hon. Gentleman should be so credulous as to believe a report of the sort. I must say, that I should have thought that any Member of this House who has observed the conduct of Her Majesty during the whole course of her reign, would with confidence have referred, to that course, and have been able to give a most positive contradiction to such a report. There is not one shilling of arrear.

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