HC Deb 01 April 1844 vol 73 c1692
Viscount Sandon

wished to know whether the Government had any objection to state the course which it was likely that they would pursue as regarded the admission of East India Labourers to our West India Colonies.

Lord Stanley

replied, that the House was in possession of all the information which the Government had received upon the subject. He had written a despatch to his noble Friend the Governor-General of India upon the subject, requesting him to take the matter into consideration, and to report how far the immigration could, in his judgment, be permitted without occasioning evil consequences. He had received from his noble Friend; by the last mail, an answer, acknowledging the receipt of his despatch. The subject was one of great difficulty and delicacy; and although he had no doubt but that the noble Lord immediately bestowed his attention upon it, yet he did not know how soon he might be able to give an opinion which would warrant the Government at home in taking decided steps.