HC Deb 29 May 1843 vol 69 c996
Sir J. Graham

moved the Order of the Day for the consideration of the Lords' amendments to the Registration of Voters Bill. With reference to the amendment, providing that any person voting without a qualification should be liable to be indicted for a misdemeanor, he could not propose that it should be agreed to by the House, as he was not disposed to recommend the creation of any new misdemeanour with respect to the right of voting. He thought the proposed enactment would be inoperative, and if operative, that it would be injurious. The right hon. Baronet concluded by proposing some alterations in the Lords' amendments.

Sir G. Grey

thought there could be no objection to the alterations. They were perfectly reasonable and consistent with the right hon. Gentleman's statement in bringing forward the bill.

The amendments to the Lords' amendments were agreed to, and ordered to be communicated to the Lords.