HC Deb 23 May 1843 vol 69 cc805-6
Mr. Hume

wished to call the attention of the House to a circumstance which occurred relating to the resolutions as to Canada corn on which the House had decided last night. In the resolutions as they had been agreed to last night, were the words, " duties imposed upon wheat and wheat flour;" but in the same resolution as published in the votes of to-day were interpolated the words, " the produce of." Now, it appeared to him that these words limited the concession to flour from corn grown in Canada, but that was not the sense in which he had voted for the resolution. He hoped the noble Lord would give some explanation of the circumstance.

Lord Stanley

was sorry that he and his hon. Friends bad obtained the benefit of the vote of the hon. Member—[Mr. Hume: " And my speech, too."]—and the hon. Member's speech, which he did not mean to undervalue, under any misapprehension, but if the hon. Member really voted under any such misapprehension, he would have an opportunity of correcting it at a future stage of the proceedings on the resolution; but, in fact, the alteration of which the hon. Member complained was merely verbal, and made no change in the principle of the measure. It had been asked six times over since the subject was first introduced, whether any distinction was to be made between flour the produce of wheat grown in Canada and flour the produce of wheat grown in the United States? and the answer was that there was to be none; and that no change was to be made in the law respecting wheat and Hour brought here from America. Flour the produce of American wheat ground in Canada was, he repeated, to be considered as if it had been grown in Canada.

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