HC Deb 15 May 1843 vol 69 c330

BILLS.Public.—1°. Roman Catholic Oaths.

Private—2°. Deptford Poor and Improvement; Yarmouth and Norwich Railway and Drainage; Eglioysrhos, etc. Inclosure; North Este Reservoir.

Reported.—Merthyr Tydvil Stipendiary Magistrates, Borrowstounness Harbour and Improvement; Glasgow and Three Mite House Road; Belfast Harbour.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Messrs. Strutt, C. Berkeley, Gisborne, Cobden, Hindley, B. Wood, and Dr. Bowring, from a great number of places, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of all Corn and Provision Laws.—By Lord Dungannon, Colonel Wyndham, Major Gumming Bruce, and Messrs. Cartwright and Blackstone, from Seventeen places, against the Canada Corn Bill.—By Messrs. Evans, Round, M. Phillips, G. Craig, Duncan, Hawes, T. Dun. combe, Hindley, Lambton, H. Mimes, Wilshere, and Colonel Rolleston, from a great number of places, against the Factories Bill.—By Mr. Sergeant Murphy, from Cork, Ballinasloe, Westport, and Carlow, against Transferring the Mail Coach Contract to Scotland.— By Mr. Thesiger, from John Locke and others, against the County Courts Bill.—By Mr. D. Barclay, from Cupar and Sunderland, for Post-office Reform, and the Carrying out of Mr. Hill's Plan.—From Wrexham Union, for Amending the Poor-Law Act.—From Sunderland and Yarmouth, against Bankruptcy Act.—From Bolton, against the Justices Jurisdiction Act.—From Leeds, for Exempting Literary and Scientific Institutions from the Payment of Rates and Taxes.—From Two Individuals, against the Metropolitan Buildings Bill.—From Liverpool, for Inquiry into the Management of the Trial for Sedition of William Jones.