HC Deb 05 May 1843 vol 68 cc1274-5
Mr. W. S. O'Brien

begged to ask the hon. Member for Ipswich whether he intended to bring forward his motion on the subject of the repeal agitation, and whether he intended to move a call of the House on that occasion.

Mr. Lane Fox

begged to say that when he gave the notice respecting the agitation in Ireland, and for a call of the House, his object was not to bring forward a question of such importance in the absence of the Irish Members. He was anxious to impress upon them his desire that they should be present. He was anxious to reply to the question of the hon. Gentleman opposite, because he saw that a question had been put to Mr. O'Connell in Ireland. A question had been put to the hon. and learned Member for Cork as to whether he intended to be present at the discussion, and his reply was that he would not attend without the call of the House being enforced. Now, he did not wish to proceed to that extremity, and, therefore, he should not proceed with his motion in the absence of the hon. and learned Member. He had not given notice of that motion from any want of confidence in her Majesty's Government, having the most perfect confidence in them. It was his intention to write to the hon. and learned Member for Cork, telling him that he should found another motion upon the subject of the agitation, and if he could induce the hon. and learned Member to meet him in that House, he should bring it forward.

Mr. O'Brien

said, as the hon. Gentleman had withdrawn his motion, he should move the amendment of which he had given notice as a substantive motion on the 31st May.

Subject at an end.

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