HC Deb 05 May 1843 vol 68 c1347

Sir J. Graham moved for leave to bring in a bill for the better regulating of the prison at Millbank. He presumed the House was fully aware of the report respecting the Penitentiary at Mill-bank which had been presented to the House in March last, which stated, that in consequence of the long periods of imprisonment to which convicts had been subjected, and the unhealthy site of the prison, some unfortunate circumstances had arisen two years ago which had induced a relaxation of discipline, which had had a very unfortunate influence; and consequently it was now found that as a Penitentiary the prison had been an entire failure. The intention of the bill he then asked leave of the House to introduce was to dissolve the present board of management, and to place the control of the prison in her Majesty, through a governor nominated by her and the inspectors. The prison was to become a common prison, to which all convicts would be brought for classification, and no one would be kept there except these sentenced to short periods of imprisonment.

Leave given. Bill brought in and read a first time.

The House adjourned at a quarter to one o'clock.