HC Deb 03 May 1843 vol 68 c1242

NEW MEMBER SWORN.—Lord Rendlesham, for Suffolk (Eastern Division).

BILLS. Private.Reported.—Faversham Navigation.

. and passed:—Preston Water Works.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Mackinnon, from St. Bride's, Fleet-street, in favour of the Health of Towns Bill.—By Messrs. P. Howard, Gisborne, and J. Jervis, from Nottingham, Louth, Carlisle, and Norwich, for Altering the Bankruptcy Act.—By Sir W. Clay, Sir J. Hall, and Messrs. Thornely, Phillpotts, M. Gibson, and Gisborne, from a great number of places, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of all Com and Provision Laws.—By Mr. Blackstone, from 139 places in Warwickshire, for the Repeal of the Malt Tax.—By Sir John Trollope, from nine places, against the Canada Com Bill.—By Mr. R. Palmer, and other hon. Members, from a number of places, for Church Extension.—By Lords H. Vane, Dalmeny, C, Fitzroy, J. Russell, Duncan, A Lennox, and Marsham, Sirs L. Hay, R. H. Inglis, G. Grey, C. Napier, J. Hanmer, J. Guest, C. Lemon, B. Hall, E. Filmer, W. Clay, J. Chetwode, J. Owen, and W. Wynn, the Lord Mayor, Colonel G. Langton, Dr. Bowring, Captain Pechell, Major Vivian, Captain Gordon, Colonel Rushbrooke, Captain Plumridge, Colonel Fox, Colonel T. Wood, and Messrs. C. Berkeley, Tancred, Busfeild, Lawson, G. Philips, Standish, Waddington, Brotherton, Lambton, S. Crawford, Cardwell, Jervis, Chute, Escort, Thornely, Greene, Barnard, Bernal, S. O'Brien, Martin, Broadley, Elphinstone, Aldam, Acland, S. Wortley, R. Hollond, Stansfield, P. Howard, Aglionby, Clive, Ward, Strutt, W. Heneage, Stanton, H. Berkeley, Wawn, Mundy, G. W. Wood, Gill, Muntz, Grimsditch, Benett, Phillpotts, Scott, Ord, Macaulay, M. Gibson, Blackstone, G. Knight, E. Rice, Divett, Etwall, Gisborne, O. Stanley, T. Duncombe, Forster, W. Ellis, and Ewart, from an enormous number of places, against the Factories Bill.—By Lord Ashley, Sir R. H. Inglis, and Mr. Hardy, from several places, in favour of the same.—By Sir W. O'Brien, from Castlebar Union, against the Irish Poor-laws.—By Lord Howick, from Yorkshire (West), against the Export Duty on Coal.—By Mr. Liddell, from Houghton-le-Spring, against portions of the Poor-laws, and for the Repeal of the Registration of Births, etc. Act.—By Sir R. H. Inglis, from Canterbury, for Amending the Parochial Assessment Act—From Eton, and Rhuabon, against the Union of the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor.—From Lindley, Alford, Deighton, and Dewsbury, for Limiting the Hours of Labour for Children in Factories.—From the Chairman of a Meeting, in favour of the Divorce Bill.—From Newcastle, against the Health of Towns Bill; and from the same, for the Abolition of Church Rates.—From Bristol, and Trowbridge, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.—From Portsea, against Church Rates.—From Arklow, Enniscorthy, and Ballinglass, against transferring the Mail Coach Contract to Scotland.—From Edinburgh, for Medical Reform.—From Bristol, for Exempting Literary and Scientific Institutions from the Payment of Taxes.—From Castlebar, against the Irish Poor-law.—From Tindal Ward (Northumberland), against the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill.—From Brighton, and London, against French interference in Tahiti.—From the Presbytery of Garioch, and Strathbogie, for Relief to the Scotch Schoolmasters.—From Nottingham, for Inquiry into the General Distress.—From the Chairman of a Meeting at Whitechapel, for the establishment of Home Colonies.