HC Deb 01 May 1843 vol 68 c1130

On the order of the Day for the second reading of the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) bill.

Sir R. Ferguson

said, as this was a bill of the deepest importance to Ireland, he hoped that it would be postponed until alter they had considered the measure respecting the amendment of the Poor-laws in that country, as it was in some degree connected with the subject.

Mr. T. C. B. Smith

said, that this bill had received the concurrence of very many hon. Members on both sides of the House, and in the framing of it no attempt whatever was made to interfere with the principle of the Municipal Corporation Act in Ireland. Several remonstrances had been made by persons of all political opinions respecting the defects of the law in the practical working of its details. It became the duly of the Irish Government to listen to the suggestions that had been made on the subject, and to afford some remedy by which the principle of the law could be fully and fairly carried out, and the measure before the House was deemed necessary to effect those objects. Under these circumstances he could not see any reason why this bill should be postponed.

Sir R. Ferguson

explained. He hoped that at any rate the committee would be postponed until after the House should be in committee on the Irish Poor-law Amendment Bill.

Lord Eliot

would not undertake to say that he would defer the committee on this bill until the Poor-law Bill should have passed through committee; but he could assure the hon. Baronet that ample time would be given before he proceeded in committee.

Bill read a second lime.