HC Deb 30 March 1843 vol 68 c215

Mr. Elphinstone moved for leave to bring in a bill to establish a court for marriages and divorces. He hoped, at this late hour, he might be permitted to bring it in without a discussion.

Sir R. Inglis

said, he must divide the House, as he thought they ought to have a discussion before they even assented to the introduction of the bill.

Mr. H. G. R. Yorke

advised the hon. Member for Lewes not to attempt to bring it in without a discussion.

Sir R. Peel

thought the hon. Member should not bring in a bill of this importance, at so late an hour, without making a statement.

Mr. Elphinstone

said, the bill had been recommended in the report of the ecclesiastical commissions of 1832, as well as in the report of the committee on the Admiralty Court. His object in thus asking leave was, that the House might have fair time to consider all the provisions of the bill. If his motion were agreed to, he should not think that any hon. Member was pledged to those provisions.

Dr. Nicholl

would have had no objection to the bill as he had originally understood it, but as he now found it, he thought that it was not in accordance with the reports of the ecclesiastical commissioners. He suggested the withdrawal of the motion.

The House divided—Ayes 47; Noes 47.

List of the AYES.
Aldam, W. Hume, J.
Bernal, Capt. Hutt, W.
Blake, Sir V. Jermyn, Earl
Brotherton, J. Lincoln, Earl of
Bruce, Lord E. Martin, C. W.
Colvile, C. R. Masterman, J.
Corry, right hon. H. Morris, D.
Crawford, W. S. Muntz, G. F.
Douglas, Sir C. E. Nicholl, rt. hon. J.
Duncan, G. Paget, Lord A.
Duncombe, T. Peel, rt. hn. Sir R.
Eliot, Lord Plumridge, Capt.
Escott, B. Rice, E. R.
Ferguson, Col. Ross, D. R.
Fremantle, Sir T. Russell, Lord E.
Gaskell, J. Milnes Scholefield, J.
Gill, T. Smith, rt. hn. T. B. C.
Gore, hon. R. Stanley, Lord
Graham, rt. hon. Sir J. Stock, Mr. Serj.
Greene, T. Sutton, hon. H. M.
Hardinge, rt. hn. Sir H. Thornely, T.
Herbert, hon. S. Trelawny, J. S.
Wawn, J. T. TELLERS.
Wilde, Sir T. Elphinstone, H.
Young, J. Pechell, Capt.
List of the NOES.
Ackers, J. Hamilton, Lord C.
Acland, T. D. Henley, J. W.
Acton, Col. Hervey, Lord A.
Allix, J. P. Hodgson, R.
Boldero, H. G. Hornby, J.
Borthwick, P, Hughes, W. B.
Buller, Sir J. Y. Lockhart, W.
Charteris, hon. H. Mc Geachy, F. A.
Christopher, R. A. Manners, Lord J.
Clayton, R. R. Marsham, Visct.
Cripps, W. Maxwell, hon. J. P.
Darby, G. Neeld, J.
Denison, E. B. Patten, J. W.
Dickinson, F. H. Peel, J.
Emlyn, Visct. Plumptre, J. P.
Feilden, W. Pringle, A.
Filmer, Sir E.. Rose, rt. hon. Sir G.
Flower, Sir J. Sandon, Visct.
Gladstone, rt. hn. W. E. Shaw, rt. hon. F.
Gladstone, Capt. Stuart, H.
Gordon, hon. Capt. Trotter, J.
Goulburn, rt. hon. H. Yorke, H. R.
Greenall, P. TELLERS
Grimston, Visct. Inglis, Sir R.
Hamilton, W. J. Mackenzie, W. F.
The Speaker

declared himself in favour of the Ayes.

Bill brought in and read a first time.

House adjourned at half-past twelve o'clock.