HC Deb 27 March 1843 vol 68 c5

NEW WRIT. For the City of Durham, in the room of Captain FitzRoy, Governor of New Zealand.

NEW MEMBER SWORN.—Fits Roy Kelly, Esq., for Cam bridge Borough.

BILLS. Public.Reported.—Registration of Voters.

. and passed:—Turnpike Roads (Ireland).

Private—2a. Temperance Friendly Society; Hull Waterworks; Liverpool Docks; Anderton Carrying Company; Aberdeen Harbour; Berwick-upon-Tweed Corporation; Belmont Reservoir; Bolton Waterworks; Schoolmaster Widows Fund (Ireland); Borrowstounness Harbour and Improvement.

Reported▀×Cockermouth Roads; Trentham Roads.

. and passed;—Lady Fleetwood's Naturalization; Samwell's name; Oxford and Barest Navigation.