HC Deb 20 March 1843 vol 67 cc1124-5

NEW MEMBER SWORN. John Salusbury Trelawny Esq., for Tavistock.

BILLS. Public.— 2°. Indemnity.

Reported.—Mutiny; Marine Mutiny.

3° and passed: Sudbury Disfranchisement.

Private.—1a. Great Bromley Enclosure; Leeds Road.

2°" Leeds Gas; Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Railway; St. Helens' Waterworks; Glasgow and Three Mile House Road; Northampton Improvement; Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal; Hungerford and Lambeth Suspension Foot Bridge; Newport Gas.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Bodkin, from Tuam, Valentia, Balinasloe Union, and Galway, against the Irish Poor-law By Mr. C. Bruce, from Females in Halbeath Coal Mines, and from Clackmannan Colliery, against the Mines and Collieries Act.—By Mr. Thorneley, Mr. Brotherton, and Dr. Bowring, from Liverpool, Sabden Fould (19 Petitions), and from Thomas Hartley and Family, against the Corn and Provision Laws.—By Mr. Grogan, from St. Michan's, Dublin, against Local Vestries—By Mr. Christopher, from Carmarthen, Grantham, Holbeach, Long Sutton, and Kirton-in-Lindsey against the Ecclesiastical Conrts' Bill.—By Mr. V. Smith, from Northampton, against the New Bankruptcy Act.—By Sir J. Hanmer, from Crewkerne, Wolverhampton, Isle of Man, Horncastle, and Shenston, against the Union oi the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor—By Mr. Christopher, from Newton-upon-Trent, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—By the Attorney-General, from a Law Society, for Removing the Courts of Law from Westminsterr — By Captain Pechell, from the Wife of Lieutenant Forbes It. N., a Lunatic in Haslar Hospital, against deduction of Pay for his Support—From Kendal, against the Government Scheme of Emigration from Africa to the West Indies.