HC Deb 14 March 1843 vol 67 cc869-70

BILLS. Public.—1° Coast of Africa.

2° Mutiny; Marine Mutiny.

Private.—1° Birmingham and Gloucester Railway; Leighton Bussard Inclosure; United General Gas light, Company; Milne Free Shool.

2° St. Pancras Churches; Bourn Drainage.

Reported.—Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway. Littleton Enclosure

3° and passed:—Cambrian Iron and Spelter Companny

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. S. Crawford, from Callan, for altering the Law relative to Landlord and Tenant.— By Sir William Clay, from St. Leonard's (Shoreditch). against the Income-tax.—By Mr. Denison, from Dorking for the Repeal of the Malttax.—By Mr. Darby, from Lewes, against the Parochial Assesment Act.—From the same, and from Beverly, against the Ecclesiastical Courts' Bill.—From Dublin, against the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act, and for altering the Law regarding the Local taxation of Dublin City.