HC Deb 27 June 1843 vol 70 cc398-9
Mr. Roebuck

inquired if it was the intention of the Government to propose a vote of thanks to Sir C. Napier and the army now in occupation at Scinde?

Lord Stanley

said, that looking at the achievements in Scinde, in a military point of view, there could be but one feeling of unmingled satisfaction and pride at the gallantry and skill that had been displayed by the commander and the army in surmounting the obstacles that had been opposed to them—the intense heat, the difficulties of the country, and the superior numbers by which they had been encountered—the gallantry and skill that had been evinced combined to render their achievements equal, if not superior, to any that had been recorded of the British arms in these later times. Her Majesty's Government had not been unmindful of the services of Sir C. Napier and his gallant army, and he (Lord Stanley) had he satisfaction of announcing that her Majesty had issued her commands that the Grand Cross of the Military Order of the Bath should be granted to Sir C. Napier, in addition to a regiment which had already been conferred upon him. With regard to the manner in which her Majesty's approval of the gallant conduct should be conveyed to the officers and men under Sir C. Napier's command, and who so well deserved to share in the honours of their general, he could not at that moment state anything decisive, but the subject was at the present moment under the consideration of the military authorities. With respect, however, to a vote of thanks, the hon. and learned Member would find that, according to the precedents, it was not usual to propose such a vote until the operations had been brought to a termination. There was little doubt as to the operations of Sir C. Napier having been finally successful, but the next mail would bring intelligence which would enable the House to form a more complete judgment on the present case; and for the present, therefore, he would defer announcing any intentions on the part of her Majesty's Government,

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