HC Deb 27 June 1843 vol 70 cc449-52
Mr. Murphy

rose to move, That this House will, on Monday next, resolve itself into a committee of the whole House, to take into consideration an act passed 17 and 13 Car. 2nd, c. 7, entitled, ' An Act for provision of Ministers in cities and corporate towns, and making the church of St. Andrew's, in the suburbs of the city of Dublin, presentative for ever,' with a view to the repeal of so much thereof, as relates to the payment of ministers in corporate towns in Ireland, and to provide a substitute in lieu thereof. The grievance of which he complained was one which pressed very heavily on the poorer classes of people in Ireland. According to a return made in the year 1836, the amount of the impost was no more than 11,400l., and he could not think that there would be any difficulty in finding a substitute for this impost, provided Government would consent to take the matter into their consideration. He could assure the Government, that they would do much to create a good feeling in Ireland, if they would consent to the House going into committee, with a view to modify the present law, and to inquire whether some substitute could not be found for the impost so much complained of.

Lord Eliot

thought that the hon. and learned Gentleman must have brought forward the subject at that late period of the Session rather with the view of calling the attention of the Government to it, than with the expectation of carrying through any legislative measure. He could assure the hon. and learned Gentleman, that when the subject was brought forward last year, it struck him that it was a grievance for which it was desirable, if possible, to find a remedy. He could not at that hour be expected to go into the subject, but the attention of the Government should be directed to the matter, and he was not without a hope that some remedy would be provided.

Motion withdrawn.

House adjourned at a quarter past twelve.