HC Deb 19 June 1843 vol 70 cc86-7

BILL. Public.Committed.— Chelsea Hospital.

Reported.—Salmon Fisheries; Factories.

Private.—2o. Neath Harbour (No. 2).

Reported.—Dundee Harbour.

3o. and passed:—Watson's Divorce; Drumpeller Railway (No. 2); Borrowstounness Improvement and Harbour; Eglwysrhos, etc. Inclosure.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Messrs. Hughes, Bowes, Evans, Ord, S. Wortley, Thornely, Brotherton, Divett, Mansfield, Trelawney, Ricardo, Christie, Blewitt, Plumptre, Bernal, G. Knight, Leg, Wawn, Findley, Heathcote, Vivian, M. Gibson, Villiers, Benett, Elphinstone, Lambton, Turner, E. Buller, C. Wood, and Barneby, Lord H. Vane, Colonel G. Langton, Sir G. Smythe, Lord Henniker, Colonel Anson, Dr. Bowring, Sir B, Hall, Lord Clive, Sir G. Staunton, Lord Worsley, Lord Duncan, and Sir W. Clay, from an enormous number of places, against, and by Lord J. Manners, Sir R. H. Inglis, and Mr. McGeachy, from eleven places, in favour of the Factories Bill.—From Alveston, for further Limiting the Hours of Labour in Factories.—By Mr. Shaw, from Cork, and Callan, against the Repeal of the Union, and for gentle Measures; and by Mr. Grogan, from Dublin, to the same effect.—By Mr. S. Wortley, from Keighley, in favour of the Scientific Societies Bill. —By Mr. Collett, from Athlone, against the Irish Poorlaw.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from Liverpool, Newcastle, Northampton, and other places, for better Treatment of Cooper the Chartist; and from South Shields, and Sutton in Ashfield, for the Repeal of the Union.—By Lord Bernard, from Cork, against the Repeal of the Union.—By Mr. B. Smith, from Edinburgh, and Norwich, for carrying out Rowland Hill's Plan of Post-Office Reform.—From Dublin, against the Arms (Ireland) Bilk—From Clifton, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.—From Armagh, against the Law prohibiting Grocers from selling Spirits. —From two places, for Encouraging Schools in connexion with the Church Education Societies.—From Colchester, against any further Grant to Maynooth College. —From a number of Dissenting Clergymen in the West Riding of Yorkshire, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of the Corn-laws.—From Leicester, against the Spirit Trade.—From Bodfean, against the Union of the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor.—From Tiverton, against the Exemption of Mail Coaches from the Payment of Tolls.—From Oxford, in favour of the Waste Land Allotment Bill.—From Wales, in favour of the Small Debts Bill. From Chichester, for Amending the Law relating to the Rating of Tithes.—From Stoke-upon-Trent, for Amending the Poor-laws.—From Joseph Phelps Robinson, for Inquiry into the conduct of the Local Government of Sydney with respect to the Execution of four Convicts.—From certain Individuals, in favour of the Coroner's Bill.