HC Deb 16 June 1843 vol 70 cc11-5
Sir R. Peel

moved the second reading of the Princess Augusta of Cambridge's Annuity Bill.

Viscount Howick

did not rise to offer any observations against the bill. On the contrary, if he had been in his place on a former evening, he should have voted with her Majesty's Government in favour of the grant, but he hoped he might be excused if he offered to the House, and most earnestly recommended to her Majesty's Government, a suggestion thrown out a few nights ago by a noble Friend of his in another place. The House would easily see lie referred to the suggestion which had been made of the propriety of making some provision for the family of his late Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex. He was perfectly aware that any proposal of this kind could only come from her Majesty's Government; therefore it was not his intention to make any motion on the subject. He should not even have gone so far as to allude to it at all, had he not known that there were in this case peculiar difficulties in point of form to be overcome; which might, perhaps, present an obstacle to the right hon. Baronet taking that course which he was sure his wishes would otherwise dictate. In consequence of these difficulties, he (Viscount Howick) trusted he might be excused if he took this, he trusted not unfitting, opportunity of expressing his own opinion. If the right hon. Baronet could overcome these difficulties, and should find it consistent with his public duty to advise her Majesty to recommend to that House to make some provision for the family of his late Royal High ness, such a proposal he was sure would by that House be received with great satisfaction, and most cheerfully agreed to. In this he expressed merely his own feelings, but he had no doubt similar feelings were entertained by many other gentlemen, in common with himself. The right hon. Baronet, some nights ago, in moving the address of condolence to her Majesty, paid a well-merited tribute, most honourably to his own feelings, to the admirable qualities of his late Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex. That tribute was too fresh in the memory of hon. Members, and he was too unequal to repeat it, to make it proper that he should attempt to go over the same ground. But he must say, that he thought, under the circumstances of this case, the family of his Royal highness had a very strong claim, and he felt it the more, because he had the honour of being a member of the Government at the time when a suggestion was made in that House for an increase of the pecuniary provision for his Royal Highness. To that suggestion they thought it their duty, and it was a most painful duty, not to accede, but he thought circumstances were now greatly altered; and, considering the numerous and weighty claims of his Royal highness on the respect and admiration of the country, and also the difficulties in which his family were left, he hoped they would receive due attention from her Majesty's Government. He would only add, that he had taken this step without ally concert or communication, directly or in-directly, with those whom it affected. He hoped, if he had acted indiscreetly, their interests would in no respect suffer from his indiscretion. He trusted the right hon. Gentleman would not give any answer at that moment, but that he would be disposed hereafter favourably to consider his suggestion.

Mr. Hume,

as he wished to record his opinion against the bill, would take a division now, and move that the bill be read a second time this day six months.

The House divided on the question that the word "now" stand part of the question. Ayes 141; Noes 37; Majority 104.

List of the AYES.
Acland, Sir T. D. Cresswell, B.
A'Court, Capt. Damer, hon. Col.
Acton, Col. Denison, E. B.
Allix, J. P. Dickinson, F.
Antrobus, E. Douglas, Sir H.
Arkwright, G. Douglas, Sir C. E.
Ashley, Lord Drummond, H. H.
Baillie, Col. Ebrington, Visct.
Baring, hon. W. B. Egerton, W. T.
Baring, rt. hn. F. T Egerton, Sir p.
Barrington, Visit. Eliot, Lord
Benett, J. Ellice, rt. hon. E.
Bernard, Visit. Escott, B.
Blackstone, W. S. Estcourt, T. G. B.
Boldero, H. G. Farnham, E. B.
Botfield, B. Ferrand, W. B.
Bramston, T. W. Flower, Sir J.
Broadley, Fuller, A. E.
Broadwood, H. Gladstone, rt. hn. W. E.
Buckley, E. Gladstone, Capt.
Bunbury, Godson, R.
Byng, G. Gordon, hon. Capt.
Cartwright, W. R. Gore, M.
Chelsea, Visit. Gore, W. O.
Childers, J. W. Gore, hon. R.
Clayton, R. R. Graham, rt. hn. sir j
Clerk, Sir G. Greenall, P.
Clive, hon. R. H. Greene, T.
Colebrooke, Sir T. B. Grey, rt. hon. Sir G,
Conolly, Col. Grogan, E.
Halford, H O'Brien, A. S.
Hamilton, G. A. Paget, Col.
Hamilton, W. J. Pakington, J. S.
Hanmer, Sir J. Palmer, G.
Hardinge, rt. hn. SirH. Palmerston, Visct.
Hawes, B. Peel, rt. hn Sir R.
Hay, Sir A. L. Peel, J.
Hayes, Sir E. Pennant, hon. Col.
Henley, J. W. Pringle, A.
Hervey, Lord A. Round, J.
Hodgson, It. Rushbrooke, Col.
Hogg, J. W. Russell, C.
Hope, G. W. Sandon, Visit.
Hoskins, K. Seymour, Sir H. B.
Houldsworth, Shaw, rt. hon. F.
Howard, Lord Sheppard, T.
Howard, P. H. Shirley, E. J.
Howick, Visct. Smith, rt. hn. R. V.
Hughes, W. B. Smith, rt. hn. T. B. C.
Hussey, A. Somerset, Lord G.
Ingestrie, Visct. Stanley, Lord
Irton, S. Stewart, J.
James, Sir W. C. Stuart, H.
Jermyn, Earl Sutton, hon. H. M
Jocelyn, Visit. Tollemache,
Kemble, H. Towneley,
Labouchere, rt. hn. H. Tuite, H. M
Lambton, H. Turnor, C.
Lefroy, A. Vernon, G. H
Leslie, C. P. Vesey, hon. T.
Lincoln, Earl of Waddington, H. S.
Lygon, hon. Gen. Welby, G. E.
Mackinnon, W. A. Wemyss, Capt.
McGeachy, F. A. Winnington, Sir T. E.
Manners, Lord C. S. Wodehouse, E.
Martin, C. W. Wood, C.
Master, T. W. C. Wortley, hon. J. S.
Masterman, J. Wortley, hon. J. S.
Miles, W. Wrightson, W. B.
Newry, Visit. Fremantle, Sir T.
Northland, Visct. Baring, H.
List of the Noes.
Ainsworth, P. Hastie, A.
Archbold, R. Hatton, Capt. V.
Barnard, E. G. Hindley, C.
Blewitt, R. J. Hutt, W.
Brotherton, J. James, W.
Busfeild, W. Langton, W. G.
Chapman, B. McTaggart, Sir J
Christie, W. D. Mitcalfe, H.
Collett, J. Plumridge, Capt.
Corbally, M. E. Roebuck, J. A.
Crawford, W. S. Ross, D. R
Currie, R. Stansfield, W. R. C.
D'Eyncourt, rt. hn. C.T Stanton, W. H.
Duncombe, T. Strutt, E.
Easthope, Sir J. Thorneley, T.
Elphinstone, H. Turner, E.
Evans, W. Wawn, J. T.
Ewart, W. TELLERS.
Fielden, J. Hume, J.
Ferguson, Col. Williams, W.

Main questions agreed to.

Bill read a second time.