HC Deb 16 June 1843 vol 70 c7

MINUTES.] BILLS.Public.—1°. Infant Orphan Asylum,

2°. Princess Augusta's Annuity; Chelsea Hospital.

Reported.—Fines and Penalties (Ireland).

3°. and passed:—Church Endowment.

Private.—2° Liverpool Fire Prevention; Jackson's Divorce.

Reported.—Drumpeller Railway; Watson's Divorce.

3°. and passed:—Bolton Water Works; Borrowstounness Improvement and Harbour.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Messrs. Scholefield, Evans, Brotherton, Bell, Ogle, Rushbrooke, Busfeild, Wawn, Miles, G. W. Wood, S. Wortley, S. Crawford, Morris, Cartwright, Thornely, Oswald, Hawes, Tancred, James, E. Buller, and W. Miles, Viscounts Sandon, and Howick, Sir E. Filmer, Sir C. Lemon, and Colonel G. Langton, from an enormous number of places, against, and by Mr. McGeachy, from Birmingham, in favour of the Factories Bill.— By Mr. C. Hamilton, from Tuam, and Aughrim, against the National System of Education in Ireland.—From Donoughmore and Drumlane, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—From Loghinislan, against the present system of Education in Ireland. —From two Collieries, against the Mines and Collieries Act.—By Mr. M. J. O'Connell, from Stockport, for the Repeal of the Union.—By Mr. P. Howard, from Carlisle, against the Arms Bill.—By Sir D. Roche, from Listowell, for the Repeal of the Irish Poor-law.—By Viscount Sandon, from Liverpool, for Extending the Coroners Bill to that City.—From Liverpool, Banbury, and President of the American Chamber of Commerce, etc., in favour of Rowland Hill's Plan of Post-Office Reform—From Bolton-le-Moors, against the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill. — From Roscommon, for Amending the Lighting, etc. of Towns (Ireland) Act—From Kilkenny, against Ministers' Money. — From Bath, for Amending the Quarter Sessions of that City.— From certain Individuals, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—From several places, in favour of the Scientific Societies Bill.—From John B. Beeche, and John Murrow, against the Repeal of the Union.— From Huddersfield, in favour of the Waste Lands Allotment Bill.

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