HC Deb 14 June 1843 vol 69 cc1546-9
Lord Worsley

moved the second reading of the Coroners Bill.

Mr. Barneby

opposed the bill, as having a tendency to increase the county rates which were already very onerous. He moved that the bill be read a second time that day six months.

Lord Worsley

had purposely abstained, in the absence of the noble Lord, the Member for South Lancashire (Lord F. Egerton, from entering into a discussion at this stage of the bill; at the same time he had not offered any opposition to the hon. Gentleman stating his objections; and having done so, he hoped the hon. Gentleman would allow the bill to pass the second reading.

The Attorney-general

considered the bill a great improvement of the present law, and he hoped it would be allowed to be read- a second time.

Sir James Graham

had agreed on the part of the Government not to oppose the second reading of the bill, but he had reserved to himself the power to consider its provisions, especially in respect to any increased allowance to the coroners and other officers. On the whole, he thought useful amendments might be introduced as to the jurisdiction of the coroners, if the bill were allowed to go into committee.

Mr. Barneby

withdrew his amendment.

Bill read a second time.