HC Deb 12 June 1843 vol 69 c1322

ELECTION PETITIONS.—By Messrs. Gisborne, and S. Crawford, from Nottingham, complaining of cer- tain Practices at the late Election for that Borough.—By the Earl of Lincoln, from the same place, for Inquiry into the above Practices.

BILLS. Public—1° Grand Jury Presentments.

Committed.—Church Endowment; Roman Catholic Oaths (Ireland); Assessed Taxes.

Reported.—Wheat, etc. Canada.

Private.—1°. Lord Gray's Estate.

Reported. — Leamington Priors Improvement; Aberdeen Harbour; Bardney Drainage; Hawkins's Estate; Paisley Municipal Affairs.

3°. and passed:—Plymouth, etc. Roads, Carriages, etc.; Kendall's Divorce; Hull Water Works; Balfour's Estate; Leighton Bussard Inclosure.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Messrs. Thornely, Broadley, Aldam, Ord, and G. Langton, Sir J. Duke, Captain Plumridge, and Admiral Dundas, from a great number of places, against the Factories Bill; and from Birmingham, in favour of the same. — From Wolverhampton, for carrying out Rowland Hill's Plan of Post-Office Reform. — From Leeds, in favour of the Coroner's Bill.— From Trim, and Dunshaughlin, against the Irish Poor, law.