HC Deb 17 July 1843 vol 70 cc1206-7

MINUTES.] NEW WRIT.—For Durham City.

BILLS. Public.—2o. Coalwhippers; Apprehension of offenders (France); Apprehension of Offenders (America)

Reported.—Municipal Corporations (No. 2); Public Works (Ireland).

3o. and passed:—Cathedral Churches (Wales),

Private.—1o. Fox's Estate.

2o. Wilkinson's Estate; Oxnam's Estate; M'Culloh's Estate.

Reported—Rochdale and Manchester Roar; Cromford and Helper Road; Burry, etc., Navigation, and Llanelly Harbour; North Esk Reservoir; Jackson's Divorce.

3o. and passed:—Dundee Harbour; Marquess of Abercorn's Estate.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir John Easthope, from Leicester, against the Warrants of Attorney Act.—By Mr. Forster, from Berwick-upon-Tweed, Mr. J. Heathcoat, from Tiverton, and Sir J. Easthope, from Leicester, against the Coroners Bill.—By Mr. Muntz, from Birmingham, for Relief from Present Distress, and a fixed Standard of Value.—By Lord John Russell, from the Landowners and others in the Vale of Clwyd, for a low Fixed Duty on Corn.—From Croydon, and Castle Cary, in favour of the County Courts Bill, and from Prisoners in Gloucester Gaol, against the Prison Discipline.—By Mr. V. Smith, from Northampton, for Fixing the time of Borough Sessions.—By Mr. W. S. O'Brien, from Dublin, for Reclaiming the Waste Lands of Ireland.—From Cavan, in favour of the Arms (Ireland) Bill.—From Liverpool, against the Liverpool Fire' Prevention Bill.—From Glasgow, for Inquiry into the Causes of the Prevailing Distress.—From Waterford, for the Abolition of Army and Navy, and all Military Defence.—From James Baker, and others, for the use of a Prison for the Tower Hamlets Court of Requests.