HC Deb 17 July 1843 vol 70 cc1223-4

House in Committee on the Arms (Ireland) Bill.

The committee resumed the consideration of clause 24.

"Justices, &c. may enter houses on suspicion of persons having arms unregistered, &c."

Mr. Bernal

repeated the objections which, on Friday night he advanced to the provision which gives power to a single magistrate to search houses for arms, and moved the following Amendment, page 11, line I7, after the words Be it enacted, That (to insert these words) it shall be lawful for any two justices of the peace within their jurisdiction (upon information given to such justices on the oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses, that, to the best of his or their knowledge or belief, any person is unlawfully in the possession of arms, or that any pikes or pikeheads are in any house or place, but not otherwise), to search for arms, pikes, or pikeheads, in the house or premises oi any person, or in any house or place, mentioned in such information; and in case admission shall be refused, or not obtained within a reasonable time after it shall have been demanded, to enter by force into such house and premises, and every part thereof; and if any arms shall, upon such search, be found in the possession of any such person, not having a license to keep the same, or whose license shall have been withdrawn, or who shall not be lawfully in possession of such arms by permission of the person licensed to keep the same; or if any arms shall be found in the house, grounds, or premises of such person riot specified in his license, or not being lawfully in the possession of some person licensed to keep the same, or of some other person by his permission; or if any pikes or pikeheads shall be found on such search, to seize and carry away the same for the use of her Majesty. After a protracted conversation the committee divided on the question, That those words be there inserted.

Ayes 46; Noes 91: Majority 45.

The House resumed. Committee to sit again.

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