HC Deb 11 July 1843 vol 70 cc909-10

MINUTES. BILLS. Private—2° Burry, etc., Navigation, and Llannelly Harbour (No. 3) Bill.

Reported. — Marquess of Abercorn's Estate; Cromford and Belper Road; Rochdale and Manchester Road; Infant Orphan Asylum.

3°. and passed;—Bridges (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lord Ashley, from the Coal-whippers and others of London in favour of the Coal-whippers Bill.—By Mr. Christie, from the Dissenters of London, for the removal of their Disabilities.—From Manchester, Salford; and Chester, for a Tax on Wood cut by Machinery.—From Salford, and Cardiff, in favour of the Scientific Societies Bill.—From Bridgnorth, in favour of, and from Warrington, against, the Factories Bill.—From Warrington, and London, against the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill.—From Kirkcudbright, for Ameliorating the condition of Parochial Schoolmasters in Scotland,—From Bridgnorth, against the CoroneraBill.—

From the Dublin Society, for Inquiry into the Proceedings of the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Commission.—From Oundle, in favour of the County Courts Bill.