HC Deb 07 July 1843 vol 70 c744

BILLS. Public.—1° Designs Copyright.

2° Charitable Loan Societies (Ireland): Public Works (Ireland); Cathedral Churches (Wales).

Committed.—Court of Exchequer (Ireland).

Reported.—Norfolk Island; Bridges (Ireland).

Private.—1° Burry, etc., Navigation, and Llannelly Harbour)No.3); Morris's or Wilkinson's Estate.

Reported.—Northampton Improvement,

3° and passed:—Lord Gray's Estate; Argyllshire Roads; Townshend Peerage.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. A. Chapman, from South Shields, Tynemouth, and Whitby, against the Coal-Whippers Bill; and by Sir J. Johnstone, from Scarborough, to the same effect. — By Mr. Ferrand, from Spitalfields Weavers, against Machinery.—From Birr, against the Pawnbrokers (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. Sheppard, and other hon. Members, from a number of places, against the Factories Bill.—From Runcorn, and Bedford, in favour of the County Courts Bill.—From Dundee, in favour of the Scientific Societies Bill.—From Leeds, for preventing Frauds against Creditors by secret Warrants of Attorney.—From Bolton, Salford, and Manchester, against the Coroners Bill; and from Bath, in favour of the same.—From Northwich, for a Tax on Wood sawn by Mills.—From Dundee, for Mitigating the Sentence of Cooper and other Chartists.—From St. Mathew's Bethnal Green, against the Poor-Laws.