HC Deb 03 July 1843 vol 70 cc561-5

The Appeals — Privy Council Bill was re-committed.

On clause 11 "As to cases wherein a petition shall have been lodged, but the usual inhibitions, &c., shall not have been decreed "being put,

Mr. Thesiger

moved that this clause be expunged. He objected to the clause as it gave an ex post facto operation to the bill, in regard to a case in which a lieutenant Burslem was a party interested, on whom this clause would inflict much hardship and injustice. The noble Lord the Member for Tiverton had, on a former occasion, objected to this clause, and much to his surprise, the right hon. Baronet the Secretary for the Home Department then confessed, that it had been framed to meet this particular case. He called upon the committee to reject a clause fraught with so much injustice.

Sir Robert Peel

thought in these judicial cases every hon. Member should judge for himself. He contended, that the owner of the vessel would sustain an injury if this clause were not passed. At the same time he thought in this conflicting case it was necessary that they should have the facts. The most satisfactory course would be to postpone the further progress of the bill, and have a select committee to inquire into the facts. He was bound, however, to state, that if this were the last stage of the bill, he could not vote for such an important clause, which might be dangerous as a precedent.

The House resumed, the committee to sit again.

The House adjourned at a quarter past two o'clock.