HC Deb 23 February 1843 vol 66 c1159
Sir R. Inglis

said, he had received so many communications on the subject of the operation of the act regulating parochial assessments, that he wished to know if the subject had occupied the attention of her Majesty's Government, and whether his right hon. Friend at the head of the Home Department were prepared to state, on the part of the Government, what was its intention with reference to an alteration in the parochial assessments, in relation to the commutation of tithes?

Sir James Graham

said, he had already stated to the House, on the part of her Majesty's Government, that in the course of the present Session it was intended to propose an amendment of the Poor-law, and he hoped also to be able to bring forward some bill respecting the law of settlement. He thought both those measures ought to precede any legislative enactment regarding rating. That subject had been brought by his direction especially under the notice of the Poor-law Commissioners. His hon. Friend was aware that, at present a variety of valuations took place, which made the rates different in different localities. The whole question of rating and valuation had been considered by the Poor-law Commissioners; their report was far advanced, though not yet ready for presentation, and he hoped, in the course of the present Session, to lay it on the Table. It was a very important, but an intricate and difficult question, and affected so many interests, that he thought it but right the report should be considered by the community for some time previous to any legislation on the subject. It was, therefore, not his intention to propose any new legislative measure, but he should move the renewal, for one year more of the temporary act which had been passed, and was now in force.