HC Deb 20 February 1843 vol 66 cc940-1
Mr. Ferrand

wished to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether the Government had made any inquiry into the late outbreaks in the manufacturing districts; and, if so, whether they would lay the evidence before the House; and if they had not caused any inquiry to be made, whether it was their intention to do so?

Sir J. Graham

said, that part of the evidence obtained by the Government on the subject, had been already made use of against parties who were now suffering the punishment of the law. The other portions of the evidence still remained to be investigated. True bills had been found upon the evidence against parties who were to take their trial in the course of eight or ten days from the present time, and he (Sir J. Graham) was of opinion that all the circumstances of the case would be brought out on the trial with respect to who were really responsible as to the cause of the disturbances.