HC Deb 20 February 1843 vol 66 cc939-40
Sir A. Leith Hay

begged to give notice to the right hon. Baronet (Sir J. Graham) that he should to-morrow repeat his question as to whether the Government intended to introduce any measure into Parliament on the subject of the Church of Scotland.

Sir James Graham

had certainly deemed the hon. and gallant Officer wanting in personal courtesy in not having given him (Sir James Graham) notice of his intention to put a question of importance. The hon. and gallant Officer had now done so; and that there might not be the possibility of suspicion that he (Sir J. Graham) intended to treat the hon. and gallant Member with discourtesy, he begged to say, that on the hon. and gallant Member repeating his question to-morrow, he must repeat the reply he had given to-night, namely, that he could not give an answer till Thursday.

Sir A. L. Hay

explained that the reason he had not given notice of his intention to put the question was, that as a motion was to be brought under the notice of the Government in another place tomorrow night, he (Sir A. L. Hay) certainly thought that a Secretary of State would have had no hesitation in giving a decided answer.

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