HC Deb 13 February 1843 vol 66 cc447-8

Mr. French moved the second reading of the Medical Charities (Ireland) Bill.

Lord Eliot

wished to take this opportunity of correcting a misconception which prevailed in Ireland, as to what he had said with respect to medical charities, in connection with the Poor-law in that country. He stated that he had requested the Poor-law commissioners to prepare a bill to regulate medical charities in Ireland. The bill was laid on the table last Session of Parliament. He certainly did, on a subsequent occasion, say that no suggestions had been made to him for the improvement or alteration of that bill. Now, he was always anxious that any information he gave to the House should be accurate, and he therefore willingly admitted that he ought to have said that only a few suggestions, and not that not any, had been made to him. Instead of receiving suggestions favourable to the measure, the suggestions he had received were generally of a hostile character to the principle of it.

Bill read a second time.