HC Deb 02 February 1843 vol 66 cc62-3

Colonel Rushbrooke moved that a new writ should be issued for the borough of Sudbury.

Mr. T. Duncombe

said, there was a general understanding that no new writs should be issued for boroughs in the same position as Sudbury, without notice having been given of the intention to move them. He was surprised that the hon. and gallant Gentleman should now, without giving any notice, ask for a new writ for this borough. A bill affecting this borough had been passed through this House, and had been sent to the House of Lords, where there was not sufficient time to pass it during the last Session. The subject being, in fact, still under consideration, he hoped the hon. Gentleman would not now persist in his motion for the new writ.

Colonel Rushbrooke

thought that it had been understood that no opposition, after such a lapse of time, was to be offered to the motion for a new writ, and he therefore had deemed it unnecessary to give any notice whatever respecting it. He would now give notice of his motion for Monday next.

Motion withdrawn.

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