HC Deb 02 August 1843 vol 71 c175

BILLS. Public.Reported—Charitable Loan Societies (Ireland); Slave Trade (Austria); Slave Trade (Portugal); Slave Trade (Chile); Slave Trade (Mexican Republic).

3°.—and passed:—Stamps.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Ward, from Sheffield, for Free Trade with France.—By Mr. Hawes, from the Marquess of Westmeath, against the Limitations of Action (Ireland) Bill.—By Sir John Easthope, from Metropolitan Parishes, for the Repeal of the Corn Laws.—From Londonderry, against dm Repeal Agitation.—From the Clergy of Deddington, against being compelled to read the Burial Service over those who had received only Lay Baptism.—From Clerkenwell, for Alteration of Prison Discipline.—From four places, against the the Factories Bill.