HC Deb 28 April 1843 vol 68 cc1026-7

BILLS. Public.—2½. Ecclesiastical Courts; Queen's Bench Offices.

Reported—Apprehension of Offenders; Exchequer Bills.

Private..—2½. Leamington Priors Improvement and Market; Caswall Disability Removal.

Reported.—Berwick-upon-Tweed Corporation.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lords H. Vane, R. Grosvenor, Ingestrie, E. Russell, A. Hervey, A. Lennox, Worsley, Duncan, Courtenay, and P. Egerton, Sirs J. Hanmer, J. Chetwode, J. Mordaunt, G. Strickland, J. Y. Buller, E. Knatchbull, G. Grey, G. Staunton, J. Owen, J. Tyrrell, W. James, and C. Napier, Colonel Rushbrooke, the Lord Mayor, Captain Pechell, Colonel Sibthorp, Captain Plumridge, Colonel Anson, Colonel Pox, and Messrs. Hardy, Trelawny, H. Lambton, Gisborne, R. Yorke, Busfeild, Morris, Brotherton, Strutt, Lascelles, M. Gibson, B. Smith, Tancred, Cavendish, H. Berkeley, Plumptre, Evans, C. Ponsonby, Aldam, Greene, W. Martin, S. Crawford, W. O. Stanley, G. Knight, Pennant, Granger, Campbell, Labouchere, Buck, Villiers, Hindley Lowther, Thorneley, Scholefield, Ellice, Dickenson, Hawes, E. Cayley, Watson, F. Baring, Barclay, Black-stone, Elphinstone, Cobden, Miles, T. Egerton, Jervis, Curteis, T. Duncombe, Ewart, Henley, Dundas, Hume, P. Scrope, G. Wood, Stanley, Divett, Aglionby, and Heathcote, from an enormous number of places, against the Factories Bill.—By Messrs. Villiers, Forster, M. Gibson, and Ellis, Sergeant Murphy, and Sir G. Strickland, from thirty-seven places, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of all Corn and Provision Laws.—By Captain Pechell, from Woodbury, Westbourne, and Emsworth, against the Bastardy Clauses in the Poor-law Act.—By Lord G. Grosvenor, Sir J. Hanmer, Sir R. Inglis, and Mr. Hodgson, from Hereford, Manchester, Salford, Kingston-upon-Hull, Selby, Oldham, Richmond (York), Thirsk, Bolton-le-Moors, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead, and Ripon, against the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill; and from Oswestry, in favour of the same.—By Mr. Hardy, Mr. Lascelles, and Colonel Sibthorp, from six Places, in favour of the Factories Bill; and from Kendal, against Altering the Law relating to the Recovery of Lost time; and from Barnsley, Wakefield, and other Places, for further Limiting the Hours of Labour.—By Sir J. Y. Buller, from Sidmouth, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—From Kingston-upon-Hull, against the Bankruptcy Act.—From the Clergy of Buckingham, and four Places in Wales, against the Union of the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor.—From Aylesbury, and Edinburgh, for Medical Reform.—From the Labourers' Friend Society, in favour of the Allotment system.—From Stalybridge, against the Turnpike Roads Bill—From Kendal, against a Clause in the American Treaty.—From a number of Places in Ireland, against transferring the Contract for the Mail Coaches from Ireland to Scotland.—From Banbridge, for Suppressing Vagrancy in Ireland.—From Banbridge Union, for Amendment of Poor Relief (Ireland) Act.—From Wakefield, against the Repeal of the Mines and Collieries Act.