HC Deb 10 April 1843 vol 68 c744

NEW MEMBERS SWORN.—John Collett, Esq., for Athlone; and Thomas Gisborne, Esq., for Nottingham Town.

BILLS Public. — 1° Charitable Trusts; Metropolitan Buildings.

Committed.—Testimony in Colonies.

and passed:—Registration of Voters.

Private.—2° Glasgow Police; Portsea Improvement; Bristol and Gloucester Railway; Tay Ferries; Belfast and Cavehill Railway.

Reported. — London and Brighton Railway; Cromford and High Peak Railway.

3°and passed:—Manchester Corporation; Great Gransden Inclosure; London Cemetery; Leeds Gas.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Blackburne, from Law Societies, against the Bankruptcy Act of last Session.— By Messrs. Foster, Busfeild, Bernal, Lambton, Hawes, Ewart, M. Gibson, T. Duncombe, Thornely, C Buller, W. Ellis, Dr. Bowring, Lord Worsley, and other hon. Members, from a great number of places, against the Educational Clauses in the Factories Bill By Colonel Sibthorp, Sir J. Walsh, Colonel Wood, Lord R. Grosvenor, Messrs. H. Fitzroy, Horsman, Lambton, W. R. Collett, and Newdigate, and other hon. Members, from a number of places, against the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill. — By Messrs. T. Duncombe, and Thorneley, and Dr. Bowring, from a great number of persons and places, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of all Corn and Provision Laws—From Chobham, for Limiting the Hours of Labour in Factories. — From T. Martin, and others, for Inquiry into the state of the Medical Profession.—From Dunfermline, Shott, and Wellwood, for Amending the Mines and Collieries Act.—From inhabitants of London, in favour of the Health of Towns Bill. —From Law Societies, against the Bankruptcy Act of last Session,—From Rickmansworth, Sarratt, Malpas, and Biddulph, for Church Extension.—From Finsbury, for the Establishment of Home Colonies. —From Matthew Phillips, in favour of the Allotment System—From an Anti-Slavery Society, against portions of the American Treaty.—From Prisoners for Debt in the Queen's Bench Prison, for the Repeal of the Act 5 Vict., c. 22.