HC Deb 07 April 1843 vol 68 c678

NEW MEMBERS SWORN. Viscount Dungannon, for the City of Durham.

BILLS. PUBLIC.—1°. Municipal Corporations (Ireland).

. Applotment of Rates (Dublin); Testimony in Colonies.

Reported.—Registration of Voters.

Private.2°. Liverpool Watering; Drumpeller Railway; Anderston Improvement and Police; Chalgrove Inclosure; Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, and Deptford Road; Norland Estate Improvement; Southampton Docks. Reported.—Glasgow City and Suburban Gas; Leeds Gas; London Cemetery; Liverpool Docks; Norland Estate Improvement; Charlwood Inclosure; Preston Water, works.

. and passed: Earl of Leicester's Estate.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. B. Clive, from Hereford for Amending the Bankruptcy Act.—By Lord John Russell, from Queenboraugh, in favour of the Municipal Corporations Bill.—By Lord Ashley, from Blandford, for the Repeal of the Income-tax.—By the same, from a number of places, in favour of the Ten Hours' Bill, and of the Mines and Collieries Bill of last Session.—By Mr. Show, from the College of Physicians (Ireland), for the better regulation of Medical Charities.—By Messrs. Tancred, Brotherton, Scholefield, C. Standish, Morris, Busfield, Boskott, M. Phillips, H.Lambton, V. Smith, Aldam, Hindley, Denison, and Hume, Captain Pechell, and Lords John Russell, and Ebrington, from Places too numerous to insert, against the Factories Bill.—By Messrs. Brotherton, B. Clive, Morrison, and Darby, from a number of Places, for the Total and Immediate Repeal of the Cora Laws.—By Viscount Pollington, from Pontefract, and by Mr. Parker, from Leicester, against the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill.—By Mr. Palmer, from Newbury Union, against the Registration Act—From Brede, Burwash, and Westfield, for the Repeat of the Malt-Tax.—From St. Austell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Gateshead, against the Opium Trade.