HC Deb 31 May 1842 vol 63 c1018
Mr. Williams Wynn

said, that the House would recollect, that when the Sudbury Bill was introduced, the House was informed that some very material evidence as to the practices that had been pursued in that place at the elections was contained in the report of the commissioners on the state of the hand-loom weavers. This report was printed last year, and was in the hands of the Members of the last Parliament, but it was not in the possession of the new Members. He thought, therefore, that that part of the report which related to the subject which he had mentioned should be reprinted. The report itself was very voluminous; it would therefore be necessary, in conformity with the rule of the House, to appoint a committee to select such parts of the evidence as related to the elections in the borough of Sudbury. If the House did not object, he would at once move the appointment of the committee; but if it was objected to he would give notice on the subject. He would suggest that the Sudbury election committee should be re-appointed pro formá for the selection of the evidence. He would also recommend that the same course should be pursued in this case that was followed with respect to similar bills, namely, that copies of the bill should be sent down to the borough. The right hon. Member moved the appointment of the committee.

Motion agreed to Committee to be appointed on the following day.