HC Deb 30 May 1842 vol 63 cc977-8

MINUTES.] BILLS. Public—1o.. Electors Removal.

Reported.—Witnesses Indemnity.

Private.—2o.. Gair's Naturalization.

Reported. — Carlow Road; Liverpool Borough Court; Saltcoats Harbour; Tadcaster and Otley Road; Gravesend Terrace Pier.

Private.—3—. and passed:—Clerkenwell Improvement.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Hawes, from the Trustees of various Roads, against, and from J. Beresford Turner, in favour of the Turnpike Roads Bill; and from Dunbar, Ross, Alton, and Stroud, against the Exportation of Hill Coolies from British India.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, and Mr. S. Wortley, from the Guardians of the Hereford Union, York, Haithwaite, and Meltham, against the Poor-law Amendment Bill.—By Sir John Hanmer, from Hull, against the Introduction of a Clause compelling Public Houses to keep Closed from 12 o'clock on Saturday night till 1 o'clock on Sunday morning..—From John Wren, for Inquiry into the late Election at Southampton. —By Sir H. Douglas, from the Legislative Council and House of Assembly of New Brunswick, against Altera- tion of the Timber Duties—By Sir A. Grant, from Cam- bridge, for the Repeal of the Duty on Attornies Certificates By Mr. Jackson, Lord Bernard, and Mr. Litton,from Ferns Leighlin Ossory, Temple Michael, Carriga-line, Barmaliaby, and Gavaghy, for Alteration of the present system of Education (Ireland).—From Roman Catholics of Stockton-upon-Tees, for Equality of Civil Rights.—From Worthing, and Chichester, against the Property Tax Bill.—From Ennis, in favour of the Rivers (Ireland) Bill.—From Maesteg, for Payment of Wages in Goods, instead of Money.—From George Williams, for Adoption of Measures for Preventing Bribery at Elections. — From Charles Frederick Collis Barns, for Inquiry into the Proceedings of the late Election at Brighton, and for Extension of the Franchise, and vote by Ballot.—From the Rev. James William Graves, for Relief on account of the Amount of Tithes due to him.