HC Deb 23 May 1842 vol 63 cc600-1

NEW MEMBERS.—Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, Bart., for Flint County; Lord Alfred Hamer, for Brighton.

BILLS. Public.—1°- Witnesses Indemnity.

Reported.—Incumbents Leasing (No. 2).

3°- and passed:—Roasted Malt.

Private.—2°- Church Stutton and Longden Roads.

Reported.-—Liverpool Improvement; Bruntisland and Granton Pier, Ferry, and Road; Faversham Navigation; Licensed Lunatic Asylums.

3°- and passed:—Kingstown Mariners Church; Slug Road; Cwm Celyn and Blaina Iron Company.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Colonel Conolly, from the Society for the Protection of Fisheries, against the Fisheries (Ireland) Bill—By Mr. Brcdie, and Mr. Halford, from Salisbury, and Leicester, against the Reduction of the Duty on Foreign Leather, and Boots and Shoes.—By Mr. Christopher, from Waddington, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—By Mr. Williams, Mr. Berkeley, and Mr. H. Hinde, from Coventry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Bristol, against the Reduction of the Duty on Rope and Cordage.—By Mr. P. Howard, from Roman Catholics of Weston-under-Wood, and Tam worth, for Equality of Civil Rights By Colonel T. Wood, from the Fruit Growers in the neighbourhood of London, for Increased Protection.—By Mr. H. Hinde, and Sir George Strickland, from Wortley, and Preston, for further Limiting the Hours of Labour for Young People in Factories.—By Captain Bernal, from Chipping Wycombe, for Repeal of the Poor-law Amendment Act. —-By Sir E. Filmer, from Goudhurst, against the Reduction of the Duty on Imported Hops.—By Dr. Bowring, from East Shilton, "Wales, Broughton, Cransley, and Warkton, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Lord Mahon, from Dramatic Authors, for Amendment of the Laws relating to Dramatic Literature.—By Mr. Byng, from Hammersmith, for a Measure to compel the proper Lighting of the Metropolitan Turnpike Roads.—By Mr. Hume, from Friockheim, for a measure to put a stop to the War in China and Affghanistan.—By Lord Eliot, and Sir D. Norreys, from Coshmore, Coshbridge, Mallow, and East and West Muskerry, in favour of the Fisheries (Ireland) Bill.—From Killoran, and Kilvarnet, for Alteration of the present System of Education (Ireland).—From Stromness, against the Reduction of the Duty on Straw Plait.—From Gilcomston, for Abolition of Church Patronage (Scotland).—From Aberdeen, for devising measures for the Relief of the Unemployed and Partially Employed Operatives of that City.—From Monmouth, Usk, and Bridgend, for the Improvement of the Aust Ferry,—From Carmarthen, and Carrick on Suir, against the Removal of the Mail Packets from the Milford and Waterford Stations.—From Newbiggen, for a Harbour of Refuge in the Bay of Newbiggen.— From Carlton, and Cricklade, for the Prevention of Railway Travelling on Sundays.—From the Owners of Fishing Luggers of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Yorkshire, complaining of the Heavy Duty levied on Herrings Imported into the Neapolitan States.—From Buckingham, Heapham, Vale of Alford, and the Eastern Division of Cornwall, against the Importation of Cattle and Meat.—From the Inhabitants of Old-street, Goswell-street, Chiswell-street, and Bunhillrow, London, in favour of the Buildings' Regulation Bill.—From Waste Gardens, Sligo. in favour of the Marriages (Ireland) Bill. —From John Nichols, against the proposed Commercial Reforms and Financial Measures. —From South Shields, for Amendment of the Benefit Building Societies Act. —From the Royal Burghs of Scotland, against placing any Toll Bar within three miles of any Royal Burgh. —From Burnley, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.

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