HC Deb 09 May 1842 vol 63 cc268-9

BILLS. Public.—2a Double Costs.

Reported.—Property Tax; Ecclesiastical Residences.

Private.—1a. Cass's Estate.

2a. Boston Harbour (No. 3); London Bridge Approaches and Royal Exchange Avenues; Market Harborough and Brampton Road; Metropolitan Patent Wood Paving Company (No. 2); London and Greenwich Railway (No. 3); York Cathedral; Imperial Bank of England; Brit- well Inclosure; Bates's Naturalization; Ely Place Improvement; Clerkenwell Improvement,

Reported.—Fierville's Naturalization; Benecke's Naturalization; Ferry-bridge and Borough-bridge Road; Wark-worth Harbour; Stockton and Hartlepool Railway.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Turner, and Mr. Leader, from Truro, Forfarshire, Plymouth, and St. Pancras, against the Property Tax Bill.—By Mr. Gregory, Mr. Hardy, Mr. Plumptre, and Sir R. Inglis, from Alnwick, Walsall, Ramsgate, and Kessingland, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—By Lord Ebrirjgton, Lord Mahon, Lord Jocelyn, Mr. Plumptre, Lord Ashley, Sir H. Douglas, and Mr. Ferrand, from Ossett, Holbcek, Hunslet, Leeds, Mirfield, Bingley, Harden, Shipley, Lindley, Rossary, Sittingboume, Armley, Wodehouse, Keighley, and Marsden, for further Limiting the Hours of Labour of Young Persons in Factories.—By Mr. G. Baukes, and Mr. C. Bruce, from Sturminster, and Forfarshire, against the Importation of Foreign Cattle.—By Mr. P. Howard, from Pollington, Heckinon-drwyke, Wigton, and Hinckley, for Equality of Civil Rights to Roman Catholics.—By Mr. Villiers, from Kendal, Dartford, Bridgeton, and Nantwich, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from Pentonville, for a system of Religious Education for the Poor; and from West Fifeshire, praying the House to pay more Attention to Petitions presented from the People.—By Mr. Ricardo, from Lambeth, and New Cross, for the Abolition of the Tolls on Waterloo, Southwark, and Vauxhall Bridges.—By Sir E. Filmer, from Maidstone, for Alteration of the Poor-law Amendment Act.—By Mr. G. Palmer, from parties connected with the Leather Trade in Essex, against the proposed Reduction of the Duty on the Importation of Leather.—By Mr. Sander- son, from the Attornics and Solicitors of Colchester, and Worcester, for a Repeal of the Certificate Duty.—By Mr. Roebuck, from Nottingham, for an Inquiry into the Withdrawal of the Nottingham Election Petition.—From Tewkesbury, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.— From Leeds, to empower Town-councils to appoint Local Rates Committees Annually to superintend the Levying and Collecting Local Rates.—From Soutliampton, for the Suspension of the Election Writ.—From Kettle, for Universal Suffrage.—From Clonmel, against the Fisheries (Ireland) Bill.—From Dundee, in favour of the proposed Commercial Reforms.—From Ardeany, Annaduff, and and other places, for Alteration of the present system of Education (Ireland).—From Worcester, Kendal, and other places, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.—From Reading, for Inquiry into the Withdrawal of the Reading Election Petition.

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