HC Deb 05 May 1842 vol 63 cc114-5

MINUTES.] BILLS. Public.—2°. British Possessions Abroad.

3°. and passed:—Dublin Police; Punishment of Death (Ireland); Victoria Park; Knightsbridge and Kensington Openings.

Private.—1°. Bates's Naturalization.

Reported.—Dundee and Arbroath Railway; Mieville's Divorce.

3°. and passed:—Bristol and Gloucester Railway; Equitable Gas Company; Bristol Floating Dock.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Busfeild, Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Ferrand, from Great Horton, Bradford (York), and Halifax, for Limiting the hours of Labour of Young Persons in Factories.— By Mr. Halford, Mr. Mundy, Mr. Hodgson, Mr. Colville, Lord Francis Egerton, Mr. Borth wick, and Mr. S. Wortley, from Morton, Belper, Barn staple, Bingley, Prescott, Evesham, Halifax, and other places, for Alteration of the Poor-laws.—By Mr. Bankes. from Portland, against the Reduction of Duty on Foreign Stone.—By Mr. Hume, and Mr. T. Duncombe, from Newport (Isle of Wight), the British Medical Association, Dewsbury, and Cleckheaton, against the Income- tax—By Dr. Bowring, from Bolton, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By an hon. Member, from Aberdeen, and Belkelvie, against the Importation of Foreign Cattle, Meat, etc.—By an hon. Member, from Bristol, against Railway Traffic on Sundays.—By an hon. Member, from Aberdeen, and Wakefield, for the Reduction of Duty on Attornies Certificates.—From Dunganston, Kilmacamogue, Kilcaskin, and Ballymoden, for Alteration of the present system of Education (Ireland). — From Brewood, Cadsall, Tichbourne, Sunnyside, Banbury, and York, that Roman Catholics may be placed on footing of Equality with other Religious Persuasions in point of Civil Rights.—From the Synod of the Presby terian Church in London, and Lancashire, for Better Observance of the Lord's Day.—From Alstonfield, and other places, against the Repeal of Gilbert's Act-—Front the North West District of St. Matthew, Bethnal Green, Spitalfields, and St. Giles's, Camberwell, for the Redemption of the Tolls on Waterloo, and the other Metropolitan BridgesFrom Garioch, for the Exemption from Window Duty of the Houses of Parochial Schoolmasters(Scotland). From Worcester, for Alteration of the Tithe Commutation Act, —From Amtwich, against the Reduction of the Duty on Copper.—From Evesham, that Owners in lieu of Occupiers may be Rated.—From Lancaster. complaining of the New Regulations issued by the Registrar General in respect to the application for Certificates from NonParochial Registers.—From Proprietors and Tacksman of the River Esk, against the Reduction of the Duty on Salmon.—From Glasgow, East Quarter, Calton, and Mile End Emigration Society, for the Promo, tion of Emigration.—From Nenagh, against the Renewal of the Bills of Exchange Act.—From Macroom, recommending. Cork as the Irish Mail Packet Station between Bristol and the South of Ireland.—From J. Cook, for consideration of the propriety of Compensating the Proprietors of the Bank of England for the loss of Exclusive Privileges.—From Gateshead, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, relative to the placing of parties in the Commission of the Peace.—From Bolton-le-Moors, and Blackburn, against the Turnpike Road Bill.