HC Deb 03 May 1842 vol 63 cc4-5

BILLS. Public—3°. and passed:—Turnpike Roads (Ireland); Exchequer Bills; Civil Bill Decrees (Ireland).

Private.—1°. Indemnity; Mutual Marine Insurance Company.

2a Liverpool Borough Court.

Reported.—Equitable Gas Company; Kingston Roads; Ellesmere and Chester Canal; Greenock Harbours; Northern Union (Newcastle and Darlington Junction) Railway.

3°. and passed:—Southwark Improvement (No. 2).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Leader, from Westminster, against the Income-tax.—By Mr. Wakley, from the Pressmen of London, complaining of the Parliamentary Papers being Printed by Steam; and from others, against the Reduction of the Duty on Foreign Musical Strings.— By an hon. Member, from Wexford, for Reduction of the Timber Duties,—From Attomies at Northallerton, Knaresborough, and Pontefract, for the Repeal of the Duty on their Certificates.—From Caithness, for Alteration of the present system of Education (Ireland).—From Sidmouth, Northleigh, Feniton, Gittisham, and Farway, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—From the Trustees of the Axminster Road, that Carriages carrying the Mails may pay Toll.—From Saxlingham, and Sharrington, against any further Grant to Maynooth.—From Castle-street, Leicester-square, Bloomsbury, Finsbury, Old Compton-street, Soho, St. Ann's, Soho, and St. Cle- met Danes, for Repeal of the Corn-laws.—From J. Perceval, for Inquiry into the Treatment of Patients in Lunatic Asylums—From sundry parties, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.