HC Deb 23 March 1842 vol 61 cc1116-7
Sir R. Peel,

in moving that the Orders of the day be read, appealed to his noble Friend (Viscount Mahon) to allow the Government precedence, in order that the resolution with respect to the Income-tax might be brought forward. He had no right to interfere with his noble Friend's privilege to move the committee on the Copyright-bill as the first business of the evening, but he thought it would be for the public convenience if he were allowed to proceed with the important subject of the Income-tax.

Viscount Mahon

felt great reluctance in postponing his measure, especially when he recollected that, in former Sessions, postponement and delay were the principal causes of the failure of a similar measure; but, considering the great importance of the question which the right hon. Baronet desired to bring forward, and the present state of that question, he thought he should best consult his own sense of duty, and the feelings of the House, by complying with the right hon. Baronet's request. He should therefore only propose that his bill be committed pro formâ that evening, with the view of having it reprinted with some amendments; and he should then fix a day after Easter for its consideration.

Lord J. Russell

lamented that the bills on this subject had never been in a shape which could induce the House to agree to them, and he did hope that his noble Friend who had the conduct of the present measure would take every means in his power to prevail upon the parties who took an interest in the bill to concur in their views, so that there might be some prospect of its passing. In the object of the bill he concurred, but some difficulties had always arisen as to the details.

Viscount Mahon

said, he had been in communication with several parties, and he hoped that the changes he proposed to have printed would materially obviate those objections which at different periods had been taken against such a measure. He should be most happy to attend to any suggestions that might be offered.

Orders of the day read, and the House resolved into committee on the Copyright. bill pro formâ Amendments made, and bill ordered to be printed.