HC Deb 22 March 1842 vol 61 cc1027-8

On the Order of the Day for the second reading of this bill having been read,

Lord Dalmeny

rose to propose as an amendment, that the bill be read a second time this day six months. Numerous petitions had been presented against this bill, as it passed over a great quantity of land in the vicinity of Norwich, which was exceedingly valuable for building purposes, which by this railway would be much deteriorated, and for which no adequate compensation could be expected from the railway company, in consequence of their want of funds. Besides this, the River Yare—a large river, navigable for vessels of considerable burden—ran exactly parallel to the proposed line of rail way. He believed, that the public would derive no advantage from the constructing of this railway, and he begged leave, therefore, to move that the second reading be postponed till this day six months.

Mr. Wilshere

hoped the House would not sanction the amendment of the noble Lord. By this railway the time of transit from Yarmouth to Norwich would be reduced to one hour instead of four hours, as at present. He thought he was not asking too much when he requested the House to allow the bill to be read a second time.

Mr. R. Palmer

said, that it was proposed to carry the railway through some very valuable marshes, which had lately been drained at considerable expense; and he thought, that as the proprietors of those marshes might be injured by the undertaking, they had reason to complain upon the subject. He admitted, however, that any objections should in his opinion, yield to considerations of public interest, if it could be shown, that there was a probability that the line would be completed between Norwich and London. But as no arrangements had yet been entered into with that view, he thought the House should not for the present proceed with the measure. He would, therefore, vote for the amendment,

Mr. Wodehouse

supported the second reading, as he thought it better to go into committee than to reject the bill at the present stage.

The House divided,—Ayes 75; Noes 16:—Majority 59,

List of the AYES.
Acton, Col. Burroughes, H. N.
Aldam.W. Busfeild, W.
Arbuthnott,hon.H. Byng, G.
Bagge, W, Carnegie, hon. Capt.
Bailey, J. Cavendish, hon. C. C.
Bailey, J. jun. Chute, W. L. W.
Bernard, E.G. Clay, Sir W.
Baskerville, T. B. M. Colborne, hn. W.N.R.
Berkeley, hon. H. F. Crawford, W. S.
Blewitt, R. J Cripps, W.
Bodkin, W. H. Dickinson, F, H.
Botfield, B. Douglas, J. D. S.
Bowring, Dr. Douro, Marquess of
Broadley, H. Duncan, G.
Brotherton, J. Duncombe, hon. A.
Buckley, E. Dundas, hon. J. C.
Buller, Sir J. Y. Eaton, R. J.
Ellice, E. O'Brien, J.
Estcourt, T. G. B. Patten, J. W.
Ferguson, Sir R. A. Plumridge, Capt.
Filmer, Sir E. Powell, C.
Forester, hn. G. C. W. Round, C. G.
Gore, W. R. O. Rumbold, C. E.
Greene, T. Russell, C.
Grosvenor, Lord R. Scarlett, hon. R. C,
Hall, Sir B. Scholefield, J.
Hardy, J. Scott, R.
Henley, J. W. Smith, B.
Hodgson, R. Stanton, W. H.
Hutt, W. Strutt, E.
Inglis, Sir R. H. Thornely, T.
Kemble, H. Trotter, J.
Lambton, H. Wilde, Sir T.
Langton, W. G. Wood, B.
Lawson, A. Worsley, Lord
Lockhart, W. Wrightson, W. B.
Lygon, hon. General TELLERS.
Mackenzie, T, Wilshere, W.
Marsham, Visct. Wodehouse, E.
List of the NOES.
Allix, J. P. Paget, Col.
Berkeley, hon. C. Palmer, G.
Brownrigg, J. S. Rushbroke, Col.
Colvile, C. R. Vere, Sir C. B.
Craig, W. G. Waddington, H. S.
Darby, G. Wyndham, Col. C.
Hale, R. B.
March, Earl of TELLERS.
Martyn, C. C. Dalmeny, Lord
Neville, R. Palmer, R.

Bill read a second time.

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