HC Deb 17 March 1842 vol 61 cc758-9
Lord John Russell

having understood from the right hon. Baronet at the head of the Government on a former occasion that it was probable an increase would be made to the army in India, but that no determination could be come to until fuller official information was received, was desirous of knowing whether anything definite had been resolved upon. It was stated that six regiments were about to be added to the army in India. Was the resolution formally taken; and if the increase was resolved upon, did the right hon. Baronet intend to move for a supplementery estimate.

Sir R. Peel

said, that it was the inten- tion of Government to increase the army in India, and as it was found necessary to increase the military establishment, a supplementary estimate would of course be required, and would be laid upon the Table in due time.

Lord J. Russsell

asked the question with the view of ascertaining what additional force would be required.

Sir R. Peel

was in expectation of fresh accounts, containing more detailed information than had yet been received, and until they were furnished he did not think it expedient to state the exact views of the Government upon the subject.