HC Deb 01 March 1842 vol 60 c1269
Sir C. Napier

hoped the right hon. Baronet would pardon him for giving him so much trouble about Syrian matters, but he took so deep an interest in the unfortunate people of that country, that he could not refrain from repeating a question he had already put—Whether the right hon. Baronet had received information of the deposition of the Emir Beschir, of his arrival at Constantinople, and of the appointment of two Turkish paellas in his stead, of whom one was an Austrian renegade? The people of Syria had been most cruelly and shamefully treated by the Turkish Government.

Sir R. Peel

said, that from the distinguished part which the hon. and gallant Officer had taken in reference to Syria, and the interest which he naturally felt in its affairs, no question of his on the subject could require an apology. When the hon. and gallant Officer formerly put the question, the Government was not then in possession of official information from Beyrout, but they had since received a despatch, from which it appeared that the Emir Beschir had been deposed, and had arrived at Constantinople. It was also true that Omar Pacha, who had been formerly in the Austrian service, was appointed in his place.

Sir C. Napier:

I can only say I am extremely sorry to hear it.