HC Deb 01 March 1842 vol 60 cc1270-1
Sir R. Peel

said: A question was put to me yesterday evening, by an hon. Member opposite, which, at the time, I was unable to answer. I was afraid, that I had lost the paper from which I had quoted the fact relating to the passage of the Siddons, which the hon. Member seemed to doubt. However, I now hold it in my hand, and will read it to the House; it is as follows:— "An order was sent from Liverpool to New York for 1,000 barrels of flour. It was sent on the 1st of August by steam, from the house of Ogden, Ferguson, and company, was shipped in the Siddons, and arrived in Liverpool on the 12th of September."

The paper is, I believe, in the handwriting of the person who sent the order. It will be seen, therefore, that if there has been a mistake, it did not originate with me.

Mr. Thorneley

read an extract from a letter witten by a Liverpool merchant, who had imported flour in the Siddons. The gentleman alluded to, went out himself to America in the August steam-packet, and stated, that his flour shipped by the Siddons did not arrive in Liverpool till the 24th September, making fifty-one days. If the order alluded to by the right hon. Baronet had been sent out by the Liverpool, it was clear that it referred to some previous voyage of the Siddons.