HC Deb 30 June 1842 vol 64 cc787-8
Sir R. Peel

presented, by command of her Majesty, the treaties which had been concluded by the late Government with the republic of Texas. He said that the present Government, acting on the almost uniform usage of public law, had felt it their duty—there being no question of an exceeding of their powers by the agents of the British Government—to ratify those treaties.

Mr. O'Connell

wished to know whether it were true that the government of Texas had formed a blockade of the west coast of America to the extent of 700 or 800 miles, and whether the right hon. Baronet was prepared to give any information as to the capability of Texas to make such a blockade effectual? He thought it was generally understood that their fleet consisted of only two or three ships.

Sir B. Peel

said, the mails came 60 fast, it was difficult to keep up with the information they brought. He could not say precisely what information had come by the last mail, but the last accounts he saw stated that there was no bona fide or effectual blockade. He could give no assurance on the subject, but he hoped there would be no such blockade as Great Britain would be bound to recognise.

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