HC Deb 30 June 1842 vol 64 cc788-9
Colonel Verner

begged to put a question to the noble Lord the Secretary for Ireland respecting a part of the Irish estimates, upon which many hon. Members felt anxious. He wanted to know whether it had been intimated by the Government to the Irish Roman Catholic bishops, as had been stated by their accredited organ, that it was intended by Government to give an increased grant to Maynooth College this year, if it were not for the financial embarrassments of the country?

Lord Eliot had

no objection to repeat the answer which he had given to the same question in an early part of the Session. He thought if the hon. Member would refer to the Irish estimates, which were now on the Table of the House, he would see that it was intended to propose precisely the same grant for Maynooth this year, which had been given on former occasions. Consequently no intimation such as the hon. and gallant Gentleman had referred to had been made to the Roman Catholic bishops.

Sir Robert Peel

took that opportunity to request of his hon. Friend to distrust statements that he might see in the newspapers with respect to the Irish Government. He had read accounts of dissentions and quarrels of which he knew nothing; and he took that opportunity of begging Members of that House not hastily to draw conclusions as to matters which were most positively asserted in the Irish newspapers.