HC Deb 27 June 1842 vol 64 c635

Bills. Public.—1°.London Bridge proaches Fund.

2°. Stock in Trade; Districts Courts and Prisons.

Committed.—Municipal Corporations.

Reported,—Buildings' Regulations (No. 2); Customs; British Possessions Abroad; Municipal Corporations (Ireland).

Private.—1a. Lord Sherborne's Estate; Earl of Devon's Estate; Gibson's Estate.

2°. Davidson's Estate; Vere's Divorce; Coward's Divorces Earl Fitzwillim's Estate; Paterson's Estate.

Reported.—Duke of Argyll's Estate; Lesbazeille's Naturalization; Rouma's Naturalization.

3° and passed:—Ashton's Divorce.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Greenock, for the Newfoundland Bill.—From the Dewsbury, Helmesley and Bridgewater Unions, Wighill, Montgomery, Forden, Cletterwood, Pool, Hope, Trelystan, Llanmerewig, Liandysil, Leighton, Aston, Castlewright, Birmingham, Oldham, and Lees, against the Poor-law Amendment Bill.—From John Brunton, complaining of having been dismissed from the situation of Master of the Huddersfield Union, and praying for Inquiry.—By Lord Ashley, from Barnsley and Wakefield, against the Employment of Females in the Mines and Collieries.—From Honley, Lepton, Whitley Upper, Middleton, Almondbury, Oulton, Thorpe, Ardsley, Stanley, Methiey, and Rothweli, against the Bill.—From Woolwich, Wentworth, Elscar, and Manchester, for Limiting the Hours of Labour of Young People in Factories.—From the Southern Baptist Association, for the Abolition of Ministers Money (Ireland).—From Trustees and Mortgagees of the Leeds and Harrowgate Turnpike Roads; and of the Leeds and Collingham Turnpike Roads, against Turnpike Roads Bill.